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到2022年,一次性塑料制品消费量明显减少(consumption of single-use plastic products will be significantly reduced),替代产品(substitute products)得到推广,塑料废弃物资源化能源化利用比例大幅提升;在塑料污染问题突出领域和电商、快递、外卖等新兴领域,形成一批可复制、可推广的塑料减量和绿色物流模式。

The use of nondegradable plastic bags, for example, is expected to vanish in some major consuming sectors, including shopping malls, supermarkets and restaurant takeout services, first in metropolises by the end of this year and then in all major Chinese cities and all urban areas in coastal regions by the end of 2022.到2020年底,大型城市的商场、超市、以及餐饮打包外卖服务等,禁止使用不可降解塑料袋;到2022年底,实施范围扩大至全部地级以上城市建成区和沿海地区县城建成区。

Non-degradable single-use plastic straws will be banned by the end of 2020, while non-degradable single-use plastic tableware will be banned from dining-in in cities. By the end of 2022, the ban on plastic tableware will be extended to dining-in in counties.到2020年底,全国范围餐饮行业禁止使用不可降解一次性塑料吸管;城市餐饮堂食服务,禁止使用不可降解一次性塑料餐具。到2022年底,县城餐饮堂食服务,禁止使用不可降解一次性塑料餐具。

到2025年,塑料制品生产、流通、消费和回收处置等环节的管理制度基本建立(establish a complete plastics management system),多元共治体系基本形成,替代产品开发应用水平进一步提升(make progress in the development of substitute products),重点城市塑料垃圾填埋量大幅降低(significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste going to landfills),塑料污染得到有效控制(bring plastic pollution under effective control)。

By the end of 2025, the use of non-degradable single-use plastic tableware for take-out in cities should be cut by 30 percent, according to the document.到2025年,城市餐饮外卖领域不可降解一次性塑料餐具消耗强度下降30%。

Moreover, all hotels and guesthouses should stop using single-use plastic wares by 2025, while postal and express service outlets should cease using non-degradable plastic packaging, plastic tape and single-use plastic woven bags.到2025年底,宾馆、酒店等场所不再主动提供一次性塑料用品;全国范围邮政快递网点禁止使用不可降解的塑料包装袋、塑料胶带、一次性塑料编织袋等。


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